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What is ACRG

What is the Alliance for Cyber Risk Governance?

The Alliance for Cyber Risk Governance is a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to bringing standardization to measuring, reporting and governing risk. The Alliance is a proponent of holistic cyber risk management enabling companies to establish risk management frameworks that can align to global regulatory and industry standards. Alliance members include TechDemocracy, LLC; RiskIQ; Rackspace; LogRhythm; Rapid7; BeyondTrust; Fidelis Cybersecurity; and SAFE-BioPharma.

The overarching goal of the Alliance is to elevate executive understanding and management of cyber risk to the same level as other risks routinely governed by business leaders such as operational, financial, credit market and reputational risks.

What is missing is a standardized way to measure, track, monitor and discuss cyber risk. We are committed to bridging that gap by creating a cyber risk standard that can eliminate the communication barriers between operations, management and boards surrounding cyber risk, and provide a basis for measuring and governing it.

What is the ACRG Steering Committee?

The steering committee is charged with establishing the objectives for the Alliance’s initiatives and ensuring its membership and participant efforts bring transformation to cyber risk governance through an integrated focus as outlined in the infographic below. Committee members will oversee the four working groups--Informed, Secured, Governed, and Resilient---and their respective remits.

The committee also manage all aspects of the meetings and events organized by the Alliance. Committee members will include representatives from founding members and selected cyber risk senior executives and practitioners.

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